Our operational management controls the relevant transactions and processes within our company from Switzerland. In addition to our main corporate and operations department, the people & culture department as well as corporate communications and finance are also located in Basel.

Executive Management

The Executive Board (EB) of the JERICHO Group was introduced in 2020 to the rapid growth and big diversity of the JERICHO Group. The responsibility for the development and implementation of strategy and operational business remains with the board members and managing directors of the individual business areas or group companies. Our strict requirements for regulating internal processes and procedures are monitored by the Group Executive Board (EB). The JERICHO Group Executive Board (EB) controls and evaluates the company’s internal requirements in the areas of Executive Management, Finance & Controlling, People & Culture as Talent Acquisitions and Strategic Management.

Living – Vision

With our management team, we live our strategic vision within JERICHO and motivate our employees to include our corporate goals such as a safer, more sustainable and more intelligent world in all of our processes.