The JERICHO Compliance Management System includes a large number of prevention, monitoring, control and reaction measurements that support compliance with legal and ethical requirements. These apply to all JERICHO units worldwide. If there are additional compliance requirements in individual countries or business areas, these are met by local or business-specific compliance regulations and instruments.

JERICHO Compliance Contact

In order to avoid legal risks, all employees can address their questions to their managers and to the relevant specialist departments at JERICHO, in particular to the legal department, auditing and the security department.

In addition, there is the JERICHO Compliance Contact as a further point of contact for employees, customers, suppliers and other external persons on compliance-related issues. The same applies if weaknesses or other circumstances are noticed that could lead to legal violations. If desired, this can also be communicated anonymously. JERICHO assures whistleblowers that it will not take any steps to identify the whistleblower in the event of an anonymous report. This does not apply to improper use of the JERICHO Compliance Contact.

The JERICHO Compliance Contact is available in German and English and can be reached via the following options:

Fon: +41 (0)58 058 01 65